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The rumor about the new law against women is spreading across the city very fast. Due to this cruel law, some unlucky women will be imprisoned for a period, furthermore, before being sent to the other side of the impassable bars of the prison, each woman will be threatened unmercifully. Innocent Mia is one of those unlucky women, and just after the approval of the law, she was caught in the middle of the street and brought in front of Dr Lomp, the chief punishment officer. Everybody has heard of this guy, and finally has a chance to meet his cruelty. Watch the first part of Mia’s unbearable punishment and enjoy the blonde’s silent tears.

Unexpected extremity causes the newcomer subs to stay away from shootings, so the dominant of the session must increase the level of pain gradually. When submissive guys are given in front of Yultsi, she cannot show this common sense, and easily go wild. This is the main reason for that Dr Lomp can’t find proper slave guys in the last days. He must give a lesson to Yultsi, and this lesson will be painful. Blonde slave milf will be punished extremely, either by piercing her natural small tits, or by whipping her whole body, according to her own choice. Yultsi will try to bear chilly pain of whipping and protect her tits. Let’s watch the movie and see whether she can achieve this.

Finally, we have got the opportunity to see both girls on the scene at the same time and to compare their reaction against the same level of unbearable pain. In this part of the serial, Dr Lomp will ask the girls to support each other during this cruel session. The ironic side of this request is that girls will mainly apply the painful strokes to each other themselves, one to the other in turn. On some occasions, where Dr Lomp feels that the pain is insufficient, the experienced master will interfere and take the level up to the point that it must be. Both girls will let their innocent tears down on cheeks, and now what you should do is just to take your seat and enjoy these poor sluts suffering for your pleasure.

As you remember, the serial has started with an experienced slave, and then a young cute girl, Diana, has entered to the scene. At the last part, Diana will be left alone, by herself, against Dr Lomp's heavy torment. Famous master wants to examine her sensitive flesh, using painful methods. First, he will caress her pure skin with a pinwheel, then he will moisture Diana’s body, including her hot fresh pussy, to enhance the effect of the electro torment, which will be the next punishment. Innocent girl tries to resist the pain, however she knows that she can’t quit the scene before please us with her tears. Take your seat and watch the last part of this serial, where you’ll enjoy Diana’s true nightmare.

19 minutes2022-07-12

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Before starting to torment her, it is necessary to train and prepare your fresh slave girl, to obtain the utmost pleasure from her inexperienced soul. Cute big girl Alexa feels ready to submit Dr Lomp’s painful plays, however she is completely unaware of being the proper girl to please her master. Thus, Dr Lomp decides to teach her how to behave during her first real BDSM session. She will be instructed for every single confusion read from her blue eyes, and for her major mistakes. Dr Lomp will apply the pain more than usual to ensure that what she will learn now will never be erased from her mind easily. Watch the movie and admire Dr Lomp’s control over fresh girl Alexa.

Cute slave girl Ariana is on the way to be a perfect slave, under the proper commands and treatments from the supervisor Dr Lomp. She has already begun to enjoy being enslaved and to suffer for the pleasure of her master; now she agrees that this is a holy task for a good girl. In the second part of the serial, she will suffer mainly on her smooth natural tits. Dr Lomp will place tough clips around her nipple, and then will start to whip the innocent girl until the clips fall down one by one. Since the experienced master knows that the decent girl will cry out a lot, her month will be covered with a piece of duct tape. Watch the movie and catch the cute teardrops on Ariana’s cheeks.

It’s the final countdown for freedom for Petra. She has got to endure and survive the last ten minutes, without giving up, to receive the prize of her bravery. Before finishing the serial, Dr Lomp decides to punish the poor fresh girl on her amazing boobs and cute nipples. He will whip the youngster’s boobs and place the painful clamps on her nipples. And to cause more pain and high sensitivity, he will drive a pinwheel around these stunning tits. For sure, if the holy shocker wouldn’t take its place in this great scene, it would be a big miss. Watch the movie, and witness how Petra is struggling against every kind of boob torment from Dr Lomp’s talented hands.

Now this is time for Diana to taste the similar pain, which the loyal slave girl Jasmin tasted before. After her first serial, Diana still seems so shy in front of the camera. Moreover, she tries to hide this, but she is still uneasy with pain and being humiliated. For every painful touch coming from Dr Lomp, her tears get ready to drop on her pure cheeks. Alas, she also knows that even those innocent teardrops will not be sufficient to save her from the experienced master’s torments. In addition to Diana’s struggle, in the movie you will find some minutes from Dr Lomp’s archive, where three hot girls are properly tamed. Watch the movie and enjoy Diana’s innocent screams.


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